A downloadable game for Windows


A time-rush game where you have
to pass the torch to the end of the stage.
The first NPC passes the torch to player,
and you have to finish all stages to 
complete the game.

How do you finish the stages? Why, by collecting the Cortex crystal of course, all while avoiding the dangers that your mission has!


Cortex, the unknown energy source found after the shortage of natural resources on Earth. After decades of peace using the resource named Cortex without any sense of danger, it seems that the supplier of the Cortex has gone offline for the time being with an unknown reason. Citizens panicked, and so, you and others volunteered to supply the Cortex!


Game Font is made by Poppy Works, name is Silver.

This game is made for Weekly Game Jam 168 Submission. It is unknown whether this will become a game at some point.

Install instructions

How to install:

Extract the zip and play the game! It can only be played on Windows, 32 bit or 64bit.


Unextinguished-0.5-64-32-playable-build.zip 31 MB

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