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Whitespace is a game of platformer and one nameless character that uselessly wanders the world looking for one little thing, or is it a large thing? A name, an identity.


A nameless protagonist, or are they simply a character in this lengthened world? Help this character find its name, its identity. The world looks to be minimalistic to you, but is it simply a perspective and do the others in the world see something else? Help the character find words to start and see the world in a different way, moving away from its simplistic origin. 

In between the whitespace, letter exists and thus name is created in this world. Letters and name are important, and without them, you simply do not exist or do you?

How this game came to be:

At first, the game was built as a school project in Construct 2 as a prototype. Half of the game made no sense, with no sense of direction and ridiculously high-paced. Platform to reach that are almost impossible, and bugs strolling around because of the limitation from Construct 2.

However, as time goes on with my knowledge growing. I decided to revive this old game and substantially improved its idea and art, and since my storage of languages has increased. I am using Godot to make this game.

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